Partech Systems offers a contract design and development service, with specific expertise in design of electronic test products.

Partech is involved in all aspects of product development from concept, hardware design, prototype development, low-level driver, and application software development.

Partech has been responsible for the development and implementation of many successful products for industrial and military applications.


Our core business and expertise is in the development of test systems for avionics and electronics. We are experts in the field and can provide our customers with state of the art test hardware customised to their exact requirements.

We can custom design:

  • Automatic Test Equipment
  • Special to Type Test Equipment
  • Electronics Test Rigs
  • Interface Adapters

We also offer a more general design service and can develop products to your specific requirements or specification, we can design:

  • Analogue/Digital electronic circuits and products
  • Printed Circuit boards
  • Embedded Controller systems
  • Customized computer software development

We can also re-engineer existing designs to correct flaws or to upgrade existing designs.